Our Services

Mountain Country Builders, Inc. specializes in residential designing, planning, building and remodeling. By combining design and construction, we save you valuable time and money.

Our total involvement blends both the realities of your budget and the expanse of your dreams, creating a wonderful living space for you and your family


The Remodel/Building process starts the moment you first have the "idea". Our Design/Build program is a one-stop shop approach to remodeling or new home construction. It is an economical and efficient method of furnishing a comprehensive design to construction service for the homeowner seeking to remodel an existing home or building a new custom home.

  • Design/Build offers professional quality design.
  • Design/Build provides constant interaction between the homeowner, the designer and the production department.
  • Design/Build will solve special problems because they are addressed from the beginning.

Design/Build allows the project design to focus on the project budget, while meeting the design requirements of the homeowner. Combining design WITH a BUDGET and construction saves valuable time, and eliminates or reduces frustrations between the homeowner and the contractor. Construction problems are minimized when the production team is working with the design team to put the project together.


Mountain Country Builders is a full service residential remodeler licensed by the State of Arizona license #ROC124466-B, and as a Commercial Contractor, #ROC208690 B-01. As a licensed Residential/Commercial Contractor we are qualified and capable of handling any project from building a home to remodeling and repairing existing homes. Selecting the right contractor for your project can mean the difference between a project you will love and a disappointment. Mountain Country Builders employ only the best craftsmen and trade contractors, we use only the finest materials, and we take pride in doing a quality job for our customers.

There is never a convenient time to remodel or renovate a kitchen. Mountain Country Builders will strive to work quickly and efficiently to complete your kitchen remodel in a timely manor. We will work with knowledgeable professionals to lend their expertise to help in every facet of the kitchen remodel.

Busy families of today require functional bathrooms. If you would like to improve an existing bathroom or add a new one, let us give you some ideas on how to update this important room in your home.

Adding a new room, a deck or skylights to your home can create more space with more light and can make your whole house seem new. Mountain Country Builders has experience in building everything from converting basement space to a usable room, decks, family rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms.

From design and carpentry, cabinetry to flooring, electrical and plumbing you can count on us for quality professional workmanship.

We offer design/build services that can drastically ease the stress of building for homeowners. Feel free to contact us for more information on any of these services.